What Does “Pending” Mean on Facebook Marketplace?


While browsing products on the Marketplace, you might see products marked as “Pending”. Many buyers find it confusing – is the item still available, and can they contact the seller?

Pending on Facebook Marketplace means the product listing is reserved for sale, but the sale hasn’t been finalized yet.

A seller marks a listing as “Pending” when there’s a buyer for the item, but the payment is still pending.

After marking a listing as “Pending,” buyers who messaged the seller receive a message about its pending status. New buyers will see the “Pending” tag but can still message the seller to show their interest.

Once the order is complete, the seller needs to mark the product as Sold. Other interested buyers will be notified that it’s no longer available.

If the sale doesn’t go through, the seller can mark the listing as Available again. Buyers who have enquired about the item receive a message letting them know it’s available for sale again.

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