Microsoft Cloud Computing (Microsoft is up in the Clouds)


Microsoft is the world’s most valuable public company and its founder the world’s second richest man has not been doing badly, in fact, they have been doing better than their tech peers financially. It makes you want to ask Microsoft: How do you stay soft?

Software companies like SAP and the likes have had rainy seasons but world number 1 doesn’t just wants to stay at the top but keeps moving up the ladder. Microsoft has had an increase because of the high sales of its cloud computing platform.

Microsoft services for other companies

Although its hardware sector has had a decrease in sales. Like Google, Microsoft likes integrations but they don’t do it with their own mechanism which is the model Google adopts. They form partnerships with other companies that require their services.

Companies like: Tesla and Volkswagen require the cloud computing service for their new model electric cars and it is also very instrumental in the creation of the driverless cars. Partnerships like that have contributed immensely to Microsoft’s consistent growth.

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How powerful is Microsoft?

Microsoft is the largest traded company in the American capital market, in fact, it makes up 4% of the stock exchange which means if there is fluctuation in its share price you can expect fluctuation in the aggregate market capitalization.

Also, Microsoft remains the most consumed tech product, in Nigeria alone 8 out of 10 computer users use the windows and for documentation 9 out of 10 use Microsoft Office on their computers, 6 out of 10 use Microsoft on their phones.


Microsoft founder and former CEO is one of the most followed persons on twitter, he ranks 21 on the most followed and is the only one of his peers that is followed by that audience. Microsoft’s motto: ”Be what’s next” has probably been what has made them strategically competent and relevant in the global scale.

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