$I40 Billion Divorce: Is Amazon in Trouble?


It’s no news that Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos are ending their 25-year-old marriage; they announced their divorce on Twitter. The tweet says they both will remain friends and don’t regret being married.

The divorce settlement could cost Bezos a large part of his $140 billion wealth. It looks like they are not making the divorce proceedings public.

Is Amazon In Trouble?

Jeff Bezos had always been remarked as a notable family man, a father of four children and a loving son to his parents. It would seem his perfect family lifestyle has had a glitch and he has had several media scandals during the period.

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Jeff owns 16% shares in Amazon, he owns the Washington post, he owns the largest home in Washington DC and a space travel company; Blue Origin.

Bezoz could split his 16% shares in Amazon

Bezoz divorcing Mackenzie could mean him splitting his 16% shares in Amazon. There was no prenuptial agreement between the two parties which means their properties may be split in half and Mackenzie may just have 8% ownership of Amazon and other businesses owned by Bezos.

This could lead to unwarranted changes in the company and it could result in corporate scandals. Having such problems could move Amazon down the ladder it has struggled to climb. Let’s hope there is a settlement plan that could prevent any trouble for the world’s most valuable company.

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Eero to be purchased by Amazon

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